Our work

Work Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges every employee has, is the reconciliation of private and professional life.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business as the foundation of your business strategy.

Team Development

Creating work environments in which employees and managers love to work and work well.

Projects of Responsible Citizenship

With responsible citizenship projects we encourage socially responsible actions by all actors of the society.

We are advocating for socially responsible behaviour of all actors of the society and striving towards structural changes that lead to a fairer and more balanced global development. We are placing special emphasis on corporate social responsibility, socially responsible management of human resources and tax responsibility. We are holders of certification processes Family Friendly Enterprise and Socially Responsible Enterprise. We also perform various trainings and consultancies in above named fields.

Ekvilib’s history in brief


Awarding the first certificates Socially Responsible Enterprise
Establishment of the Hub for Tax Justice in Slovenia
Beginning of the story of tax justice in Slovenia
100+ holders of Family Friendly Enterprise certificate
Establishment of Ekvilib Institute