Creative Caravan

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Creative Caravan is a program of multicultural connection of young artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Within the program each year we host artistic groups comprised of young people with vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds. With the help of art centres in their countries they learn how to use art for expressing themselves, for the development of their self-consciousness and for improvement of their social inclusion.

Within the framework of the European tour, the artistic groups are performing and holding artistic workshops. Through direct interaction with their European peers they use art to present their everyday lives and their vision for a better future. They furthermore encourage intercultural cooperation of young people, better respect for others and their opinions and also respect for choices of every individual. The artistic groups also present innovative and creative ways and strategies for better social integration. This youth activity facilitates the active role of young people and allows them to establish their own relationship to the issues other members of their generation across the world are facing.

Tours 2012-2014:

You can find more information on past tours on Global SOFA web-site or on Official Project web-site.

Project Partners:
The Office for international Affairs of the City of Cologne (Germany), Institut equalita in Cologne (Germany), Büro für Kultur- und Medienprojekte an Hamburg (Germany), the Municipality Plovdiv (Bulgaria ), Foundation for Development of the Cultural and Business Potential of Civil Society (Bulgaria), the Municipality of Kalundborg (Denmark), SPOR Media (Denmark), the Municipality of Langenlois (Austria), Fonds Vienna Institute for International Dialogue und Cooperation (VICD) (Austria), the Municipality of Sezana (Slovenia), Ekvilib Institute (Slovenia).



The project is supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia.