Tax Justice Together

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About the project
At the centre of the Tax Justice Together project is the problem of tax dodging that costs developing countries $160bn a year. We need changes at a national, regional and international level to eliminate the structural causes of global poverty, inequality and unequal development.

Duration: 1. 4. 2015 - 31. 3. 2017

Project partners:
ActionAid UK (Project Coordinator), Oxfam GB, Glopolis, Oxfam Intermón, IGO, DemNet, Peuples Solidaires, Ekvilib Institute, ActionAid Ireland, ActionAid Denmark, ActionAid Netherlands, Lapas For Zemiata, Oxfam Germany, Oxfam Italy, Oxfam Ireland, Oxfam France, Solidarité Oxfam, ActionAid Sweden, Oxfam Novib, Eurodad, ActionAid Nigeria.

Overall objective of the project is to promote fair and equitable tax reform as a driver for inclusive and sustainable growth, to reduce poverty and inequality, and to promote fairer relations between developed and developing countries, in the context of the post-MDG consensus.

Specific objective of the project is to increase EU citizens’ critical understanding and active engagement, alongside campaigners in the global South, in pan-European efforts towards progressive and equitable reform of global tax policies, particularly during EYD2015.

Action is designed in 4 results:

  • Result 1: European citizens (especially aged 21-30) have improved awareness of and demonstrate support for fair and equitable tax systems.
  • Result 2: Students, CSOs and their supporters have increased critical understanding of global tax policies, how to engage in the debate about tax policy reform and campaign skills.
  • Result 3: Students, CSOs and their supporters actively engage with efforts to develop progressive pan-European positions on global tax policy reform, in collaboration with activists in the global South.
  • Result 4: Policy makers in European Parliament and MS make commitments to progressive tax policies that benefit European citizens as well as citizens in developing countries.

Types of activities:


  • Reaching publics with key messaging on tax justice through traditional/ online/ social media and information campaigns
  • EYD2015 Blog Action Day
  • Stories from the global South about the impact of tax injustice on the developing countries
  • Simultaneous media stunts

  • Assessment of public perception about tax justice issues
  • Organizing Training of Trainer event for CSOs and supporters followed by national trainings
  • Reaching out to schools and Universities
  • Digital learning space for tax justice campaigners
  • 2 campaigners’ conferences

  • Tailored advocacy briefings
  • Southern activists lobbying European decision-makers on progressive tax reform
  • High level events organised at key political moments

  • Students, CSO staff & supporters attend tax justice-related events across participating countries
  • Tax Rail Tour of Southern activists traveling across Europe and engaging general public, CSOs and decision-makers
  • People taking higher level actions which will demonstrate informed support for progressive tax reform
  • Street actions



Marusa Babnik, Project Coordinator (marusa[at]


Project is funded by European Union and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of republic of Slovenia.
The content of the project does not necessarily reflect the official position of European Union or the Government of Republic of Slovenia.

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