Recognition for performing according to the guidelines “Family Friendly Enterprise” for micro companies

Ekvilib Institute represents a way to obtain a recognition for performance under the “Family-friendly Enterprise” guidelines for micro enterprises.

Write to petra [at] for information about the next introductory training for company representatives, namely representatives of the management (one representative from each company). Price: 330,00 € + VAT

The aim of the awards is to provide micro-enterprises with tools for facilitating the reconciliation of work and private life and, on the basis of the measures implemented, recognize that they are introducing a Family-Friendly Enterprise culture in their work.

This is an advisory-audit process that has the function of providing advice to micro employers, what tools to use to better manage human resources, with emphasis on work-life balance of employees.

On the basis of the training and through an internal procedure the company determines and implements selected objectives and measures. The company opts for a plan for the introduction of measures aimed at improving the management of work processes and the quality of working environments for better reconciliation of work and family life of employees.

After a positive evaluation of the implementation plan for the implementation of selected measures by the process holder, the company acquires the recognition “Introducing the Family-Friendly Enterprise Culture”.

After two years, it is assessed whether the measures have been implemented and the objectives achieved. If they have been achieved, the company obtains the recognition “Successfully developing the Family Friendly Enterprise culture”.

Which organizations can be involved in the recognition process?

Acquisition of recognition of the operation according to the principles of the FFE is intended for companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations and associations, registered and established in the Republic of Slovenia, with up to 15 employees.

How to get involved in the process?

Companies that are interested in obtaining the recognition are invited to fill out the application form published on our website. After receiving a sufficient number of applications, we will organize the introductory training.

Please follow the links for the complete call documentation and application form (both in Slovenian only).