About us

Mission and values

“Our mission is to co-create sustainable and balanced world of responsible individuals, businesses and organizations.”

VALUES that guide our activities:

We do what we say. We say what we think.

We talk to each other even when it is tough.

Together we can do more than individually.

We are curious, inquisitive and creative.

We recognize that our actions have an impact on us and others and we accept responsibility for our decisions.

We celebrate our own achievements and success of others.

Who are we

philosopher and sociologist, director

e-mail: akk[at]ekvilib.org

political science graduate, project officer

e-mail: petra[at]ekvilib.org

B.S. in criminal justice & security, project officer

e-mail: lucija[at]ekvilib.org

As a sociologist, I always have the aspect of the individual, as well as organizations and society, in front of me. Coordination of all three aspects is both a business and a personal challenge.
Coordinator and Counselor for the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate, Head of diversity activities and Coordinator of Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia.

Criminal justice & security graduate exploring sustainable development in corporate social responsibility. She is also an artist and active in looking for cohesion with nature for a better world.

B.S. in organisational science, project officer

e-mail: marusa[at]ekvilib.org

GAŠPER ZAKRAJŠEK HRM graduate, project officer

e-mail: gasper[at]ekvilib.org

SABINA POGLAJEN project officer

e-mail: sabina[at]ekvilib.org

"Slowly everything you begin, becomes important to you. You only need curiosity." A curious person that these days covers the field of corporate tax responsibility.
A curious humanist adoring nature and seeking the inspiration for a sustainable social development also in it's lawfulness. His activities within the Institute are focused on arise of the employment culture level, responsible HR management and strengthening  the importance of the  sustainable development awareness.
Administrative organizer skillfully and effectively addressing the growing issues of office administration and finance management at Ekvilib.

philosopher and linguist, project officer

e-mail: spela[at]ekvilib.org

Master of Business Administration, project officer

e-mail: simona[at]ekvilib.org

For almost two decades, she has encouraged critical thinking in high school students, and now she uses her experience in the fields of work-life balance and a sustainable attitude towards the world.
Sees sustainable development in close connection with creativity and innovation, so it is no coincidence that her favorite definition of sustainable development is: "Instead of limited natural resources, we should prefer to use unlimited resources of our minds!"

There are many other partners and volunteers cooperating with us. Learn more about the possibilities of cooperation here.

Membership and cooperation

Ekvilib Institute is a member of different national and international networks that are active in the fields of our work. This kind of networking enables us to actively share experience, good practice and achieve better coordination; to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency and visibility of civil society, both in the field of development cooperation as well as in the field of social responsibility.

Financial statements and sustainability reports