Club of young activists: Club ActRight

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Within the project ActRight we started to build the basis for the network of young activists, which would like – after they went through the intensive training – more actively work in the field of human rights.

During the first intensive educational programme, the network of motivated young activists with our support established Club ActRight – club of young activists for human rights. The group has been meeting at the different occasions, from preparations of educational modules, to selection of the documentary movie for projections and comprehensive planning of campaign on the importance of economic, social and cultural rights.

We are positive that with the Club ActRight, we have established long-term structure and forum for active engagement of young people in the field of human rights, which will raise awareness of their peers and other citizens of Slovenia and beyond, about the importance of human rights and encourage them to greater participation and active citizenship.

More information on the activities of the Club is available on the ActRight website.

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