Work Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges of every employee is balancing of family, friends, free time and career. Following is the introduction to our activities and services in the field of work life balance:

Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate

Companies and organisations are increasingly aware of their social responsibility and the effect they have on their employees and other stakeholders with their management system. They are aware that employees, who are crucial in the work process, are behind their success. Their happiness and loyalty are of key significance for successful development and growth of the company. Effects of the CSR employee–management cooperation are not only short-term, but they bring long term positive results.

Family Friendly Enterprise certificate is based on the CSR principle of employee – management cooperation with an emphasis on work-life balance. FFE certificate is a long-term consultation process, which provides positive effects that go beyond reconciling work and private life of employees and clearly reflect competitive advantages with positive economic effects for enterprise and long-term effects for the society. Over 250 Slovenian companies and organisations enter the certification, and certificate holders employ over 70,000 employees. Join them and show social responsibility towards your employees!

Recognition for operating according to the guidelines “Family Friendly Enterprise” for micro companies

The aim of the recognition is to provide micro-enterprises with tools for facilitating the reconciliation of professional and private life and, on the basis of the measures implemented, recognize that they are introducing the Family Friendly Enterprise culture in their work.

It is an advisory and audit process that has the function of advising micro employers on which tools to use to better manage human resources, with an emphasis on reconciling work and family life for employees.

Initiative “Go Home On Time Day”

Introducing the Slovenian equivalent of Go Home On Time Day initiative. With annual actions we wish to encourage a reflection on the importance of the reconciliation of private and professional life, a reflection on long hours, which do not bring the desired results in the form of increased productivity, and on the organizational culture centered on productive, respectful cooperation with employees, because only such an organizational culture can bring increased productivity, innovation, creativity, and consequently greater added value in business. We believe that this can only be achieved with loyal and committed employees. Follow us for announcements about the next action!